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25th Mar – Another Comment Post …

This post was received moments ago and says it all – a great number of the people who have rang as a result of the Observer and Herald ads feel the same way:

from … Roz: … I cannot understand why in 2011, we have to beg council for a proposal of this sort. I have done my bit tonight and emailed all politicians, and councillors regarding the matter. But why is it necessary to do so?  Its a known fact that aqua therapy assists a great many people with chronic illness and disability. I thought we had got past having to beg for this sort of help a decade ago, apparently not.

I will not give my vote to any Politian or councillor that does not make a speedy progress towards this happening in fact I will physically lobby against them come next time they are begging for my vote.

Fraser Coast Regional Council, your pools belong to the constituents, a great many of which are either aged or have disabilities. You are not providing a service which is fair and reasonable to all, by denying access for this type of therapy to be used in the pools in this area.


Here … Here … I say and have been for two years with this Council.

  • My research uncovered a little know fact before the Maryborough and Fraser Coast Councils merged – Maryborough did offer ‘concession card’ discounts.  When they merged the Maryborough pool reverted to the Hervey Bay Council Fee structures. – no concession card discounts.  This was confirmed when I rang the Maryborough pool about their ‘concession card’ policy with respect to discounts before the Council mergers – the pool person I spoke to explained their admission prices confirming the discounts.
  • Another reason for this Council to be embarrassed comes in how the Gladstone Council support their Aqua Therapy program – the donate $40,000 worth of free pool time each year – and also allow all concession card holders ‘free’ access to their pool between 8:00 and 9:00 am Mon – Fri …  Their program has been running for over 20 years – and they too had troubles initially getting the Council support.
  • Another story about another Council stepping up and assisting their elderly and disabled came from a lady who has signed up as a participant – she has 20 years of physio experience as a nurse in a Gold Coast Program – she was very vocal about the FCRC and there reluctance to get involved – she will be a great asset to the program.

This Council has no option other then to re-consider their position – as the support for this program will continue to grow – and the current Councillors think about their re-election chances in March next year – perhaps the demographic group that this program will benefit may have some say in who they support and whether they become re-elected.