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Weekly Update – 20th Feb 2011

Hi all,

I will post a more comprehensive update after the meeting with Council on Monday.

Meantime –

  • the week was about getting the Carer Groups to gather information from their clients about ‘interest’ in the program.   This is still ongoing and expectation is ahead of the results at this point.
  • I started work on the FCATA Budget through t the end of 2012 – so much will depend of how Council responds and what costs the program will have to pay to gain access to the pools – we’ll know more after Monday.
  • The Submissions to the Federal and State Disability Ministers is  all but complete – also awaiting the outcome of Monday’s Council meeting and whether Council are supportive and if so – to what extent –
  • State Parliament was sitting last week so nothing was heard from Messes Sorrensen or Foley – also Federal MP Mr Neville was also silent on this issue – I will be following up with these Members during the oncoming week.
  • There has been a number of Interest Notifications from Parents of children with disabilities – this has created thought and a notion to create a TIER 4 level entry – that being for children.   This is being investigated further with Education QLD and how their charted caters for children with disabilities and whether this style of aqua-therapy program fits their ‘physical activities’ Educational charter – much has to be learned before any decision or choices can be made in this regard.
  • The Observer did not run the ad on Friday as I was expecting – I was told it did run in the Herald but have no way of verifying if it did [only delivered in Maryborough] – spoke with the Chronicle staffer who was going to send me copies of the published ads – but I am still yet to receive same –
  • The GATA [Gladstone Aquatic Therapy Association] program have indicated they would be willing to come to Hervey Bay and give a presentation about their program some time toward late March – when more information is known – I will send an e-mail to all Carers and Interest Notification submissions originators about the detail [when and where] – this will be an information forum and open to any interested party – it may even serve as a General Meeting of the FCATA program where elections for Committee positions may take place.
  • I am still in need of a preliminary Steering Committee – please –  help is needed – a number of the Interest Submission notifications have indicated their willingness to help and I will try to get to you this coming week with some specific asks about Budget submissions and Funding Applications – if anyone has experience in these areas and wants to contribute – please get in touch –
  • I have given up on the ABC Wide Bay radio interview [24th Jan 2011] – they did send me a ‘.cda’ file format copy – special software is required to convert the format to allow it to be posted – requests to the ABC for a compatible format had gone unanswered –

So much hinges on the meeting with Council tomorrow – I will post Tuesday/Wednesday about the outcomes from this meeting …

cheers … Ian.