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29th Mar Update …

Hello all,

Yesterday was a watershed day in many ways …

  • First off in the morning there were on camera interviews with Channel 7 and Channel 9 – they came in response to help spread the word about the program to the Fraser Coast community.  Both Channels indicated they will air the interviews Monday night – interviews can be seen using the links below – files are compressed .avi file format and run for about 90sec –
  1. Channel 7 Local News Story
  2. Channel 9 Local News Story

The comment I will make on the record about the content of the interviews is that there are no versions of the truth – I challenge the Mayor to deny he gave an undertaking during a meeting in Sept 2010  to immediately address the issue of ‘concession pool’ prices.

The undertaking he gave was that Council would not wait until the next round of budgets to move on ‘concession card’ discounts – his comments in the linked interviews above were not an honest reflection of the commitment he gave during that meeting – his other interview comments were a muddied version of the truth – he was playing politics –

I call him to account for his comments – he cannot deny that he shook my hand and looked me in the eye and said: ‘No – we’ll do something now’ – in response to his Director Community Development’s suggestion that they do a review in the 2011-12 budget.  The offer he did make has been documented at this site previously –

As to what other information he spoke about – the man is unconscionable and still has no comprehension what this program is about an can offer to the Fraser Coast Community …

  • A registered participant who contacted the Federal and State Member – and a Councillor – copied to me the return comments by Councillor Brooks who I call a flip-flopper – and to ensure she is not misquoted – her response is pasted hereto in full –

sent 25th Mar:


My partner Neville, is unable to walk very much at all, due to significant problems with his health, To have something like this in Hervey Bay for people with disabilities would be wonderful and is urgently needed, Please support this

for me, as a carer I am not getting much attention and help from anyone as it happens.


response 28th Mar: from Councillor Sue Brooks

I hope Mr Bleys is successful in launching a group. I am sure Council will provide support to any such group once it is created.

Take care, Sue


further reply to Cr Brooks:

sent 28th Mar:

Thanks Sue, my understanding is that the Fraser Coast Council has not been very supportive of the issue


28th Mar – final response from Cr Brooks:

This is just not true. Mr Bleys wants Council to create the group and support it etc and this is not what Council does. We require the community to create the interest and/or bring it together and then we can work out ways to support it. Mr Bleys is doing a great disservice by running Council down. I believe he is not helping his cause and is not understanding the Council commitments properly. We do not have the resources to go out and create this group but if the community does, we will help as much as we can. We have always said this!

Ta, Sue

PS It is not just about entrance fees to the pool…


I sent the following message to All Councillors and Lisa Desmond yesterday after I received the Cr Brooks information:

To – All Councillors and Ms Desmond –

You are advised that the Cr Brooks comments are completely incorrect and misguided –


For some history please read the attached file sent to All Councillors in Sept 2010 – a summary version appears below:

The file can be read using this link:  Pool issue 20100922

  • Two years ago I contacted Debra Moore with a DVD about the non existence of ‘concession card’ discounts for pool admission.
  • Ms Moore said there was nothing she could do and suggested I contact Cr Muckan – I left several message for Cr Muckan over a matter of weeks and he replied to none of them.
  • I again contacted Cr Muckan via e-mail to raise the same issue again early 2010 –
  • That resulted in a Council meeting in August last year – see attached file for Council minutes and responses …
  • Council requested a report on ‘budget impact’
  • Council report does not respond on ‘budget impact’ – but quotes erroneous numbers for other Council pool admission fees.
  • Council report proved to be false in its information –
  • My own report submitted –
  • Mayor requests meeting
  • Mayor gives an undertaking to fix the problem –
  • Mayor gives me a personal invitation to pay the full and general admission price on a monthly basis – no discount to the general public price –
  • This monthly payment plan is already available to the General Public
  • During research for report – Gladstone Aqua Therapy program is discovered –
  • Approach made to Council about supporting a similar program –
  • Council advise they cannot support a program or establish such a program –
  • Federal Funding grant ‘Healthier Communities Initiative’ canvassed with Council as being a possible funding option for program
  • Council advise the funding application they are preparing and the parameters they understand the funding to be made available under – do not suit the proposed aqua-therapy program –
  • Further research undertaken with Carer groups and they all suggest to apply for funding under the ‘Healthier Communities Initiative’ – submissions for this Federal grant closed on the 4th Feb 2011 –
  • Back to Council and told that they cannot become involved with the aqua therapy program – it has to be established by the community before council can get involved –
  • Further research done on establishing an aqua therapy program on the Fraser Coast undertaken –
  • Council again approached on pool access and cost question –
  • Council indicate they will negotiate pool access and cost when Management Committee formed –
  • Council informed that no funding applications can be made until Council give undertaking to support the program with pool access and a known cost for that access –
  • Council refuse to answer further correspondence or return phone calls –

Council are aware of my own disabilities and their restrictiveness – yet they offer no logistical support to help establish a program that would benefit a great many number of people living in this community – forming a Committee to manage what will become a $500-$750k annual budget requires people with some experience and financial ability.  The people who will benefit from this program will be able to provide some volunteer type help – but as for being able to serve on Committee and manage a budget, staff and the logistical support required for this program requires people with relative experience.

I do not have the ability to go and knock on doors seeking Community leaders to become involved with this program – all my efforts to date have been made largely over the internet – some small media help and by phone – in fact there have only been three councillors who has made any attempt to contact me in relation to this program – and I would go so far as to say  –  collectively – they and the rest of the Councillors take no responsibility for voting unanimously on the Council produced report last August – they got it wrong then – and they have it wrong now –

As a Council – of course they can act to better service their local community – they just choose not to when it comes to the aged – the disabled and the concession card group on this issue …

Why should they wait for this group to form their own committee and structure a program and then approach Council to beg them to help – why the hell don’t Council be pro-active in helping this Group help themselves.

Cr Brooks’ comments are naive in the extreme and are indicative of just how Council and Councillors recognise this large demographic group living in their community – they need Council to provide initial support by providing pool access and a costing for that access to help get the program up and running.

Carer groups have large Administration and funding behind them – this program does not have that – everybody says this is a great program and is needed – yet nobody at Federal, State or Local Council wants to become involved at the base level of formulation and getting this program up and running – the question is why?

This Council provides a budgeted General Public pool subsidy in excess of $250K per year – what do they provide for the ‘concession card’ group for pool subsidy – zero  support – if they matched the general public subsidy – then the program has a base level of cost funding to make application for Federal and State funding.  That level of support would encourage funding from other groups –

If the only thing stopping them from making a commitment like that is that they want to deal with a Management Committee – then I say bullocks – this is a genuine attempt to do good community work and if council cannot see they – they are blind –

I do hope this clears up the misleading information Cr Brooks has put forth in her response …

She has continually got her facts wrong and completely off topic when she has responded on this issue with me in the past – any support she has offered to date comes as a flip-flopper and has had no real contribution to where the program is currently –

Regards … Ian Bleys.

Let me say further –

  • The Council have had 2 years to address any moral and conscious position they personally may have in ‘not’ offering ‘concession card’ discounts to pool users – and they have not budged – this is not something that has just suddenly arrived at their front door – the Hervey Bay Council had never considered the issue of ‘concession card’ discounts prior to the amalgamation – yet the Maryborough Pool according to my research did offer concession card discounts –
  • In the 2 year period this matter has been on the FCRC doorstep – the Council have given the ‘general public’ a budgeted $500k in subsidised admission prices – and not a thing for ‘concession card’ holders using the pool.
  • When Cr Brooks says it is not just about entrance fees – she is right – it is about how a Council she serves on and supports – can be so blatantly prejudiced against the ‘concession card’ demographic on pool admission prices – when the  same Council can offer ‘concession card’ discounts of varying degrees on so many other Council services in the area –  [i.e. Council Rates – Bus operators operating under Council Tenders – Brolga Theatre – Maryborough and Hervey Bay Shows – and I am sure there are others.  In addition electricity suppliers offer discounts – as to private local business’s – tradies – Supermarkets – some Professional services etc ] –
  • What is the problem in expecting this Council to fall into line with every other like Council up and down the QLD coastline and offer pool discounts to the ‘concession card’ holders.
  • It is not like this group is going to the pool for leisure activity – they are going for exercise and the need to use the pool to assist with their mobility issues.

No – the Fraser Coast Regional Council are wrong and they also run the risk of the State Member for Local Government becoming further involved over the State Disabilities Act 2006 – and with reference to the following sections as a start … : [the Act can be downloaded via this link: ]

  • Part 1 – Division 2(6-8) [Objects]
  • Part 2 – 18 [Persons encouraged to have regard to human rights Principle]
  • Part 2 – 19(3-5) [Persons encouraged to have regard to human rights Principle]
  • Part 2 – Division 2(20–33) [Service delivery principles]
  • Part 3 – Section 34 [Minister may make disability service standards]

The FCRC presides over the highest per capita number of disability pensioners in QLD – yet it is a Council that does not recognise what this really means.  The pool provides such relief for and assists in so many ways to aid this group – they have never thought to help this group in this way –

Councils reasoning is they believe someone else should put together a program for this group of disadvantaged persons.  Yet late last year when a local carer tried to instigate a Learn to Swim program for a disability group – the Council chose to refused them access even though it was independently funded and staffed away from the pool staffing resources.

The Council does allow private physio’s to bring their clients to the pool because the pool does not offer this service.  They also allow privately conducted water aerobics and other exercise programs on a private ‘pay as you’ use arrangement the persons conducting the program.

The Council has very strange attitudes to the whole ambit of disabled and aged persons using the pool to keep fit and help with mobility issues – as long as you pay the general public price – you can use the pool.

That attitude does not run consistent with what it does for ‘concession card’ users in other Council services and amenities.  I dare say that the Council policy on this issue is flawed in a way that Council do not understand what the pool offers and can mean to those wanting affordable access to manage their mobility issues.

Have you had enough of this Council?  Contact your Local Member and give them a serve – their contact details can be found at this link:


To change the target away from the Council for a period as advised by a mentor – I turn to the positives of the week –

  • I will be making a few calls during the week to approach some people about serving on an interim steering Committee – looking for 4-5 people to serve until the first General meeting.
  • The Gladstone Aquatic Therapy Program President intends to make a trip to Hervey Bay to attend what looks like a delayed General Meeting to be held on the 5th May 2011.
  • It is very important that the meeting be delayed until this time – the lady who set up the Gladstone program now residing in Hervey Bay has indicated today that she is prepared to become part of the initial FCATA steering Committee – she is away for most of April.
  • Carol has been advising me on so many matters relating to this program – but not the Council bashing stuff – that she will be an invaluable asset to the program.   She is a qualified nurse and started the GATA program off over 22 years ago – she is very familiar with Council problems coming to terms with a program like this.
  • The steering Committee will be looking into the registration of the Association and its Incorporation – and will present a different face to Council to hopefully bring about changes to their resistant position.
  • I looked to the number of Respite Carers and their preliminary estimates and the number is approaching 200 – I have over 60 individual Interest Notifications and this is fast approaching the bottom side of initial target estimates of 300-500 in this initial interest stage.
  • This is but a fraction of the 5,500+ disability and the 14,000+ aged pensioners living in the area.  Hopefully the media stories on TV last night will carry the message out to a greater number of potential users of the program.

Cheers all ….


23 Mar 2011: Message to all CARER Groups …

The following Message was sent to all CARER groups today:


To all CARER Groups – and Other Parties …

Hello all.

The 31st March deadline for Interest Notifications is a week or so away.

This message is a reminder to all the Carer Groups who sent forms out to their clients to please have them lodged by this deadline.

Some Carers have had some trouble trying to get clients guardians and the like to complete out forms.

To overcome any difficulties – logistical or otherwise – can I ask the Carer’s to do the following?

  1. The Interest Notification is purely an interest level notice – nothing is committed at this point by indicating an interest –
  2. To help Carers – it is asked that where forms cannot be filled out for any reason – that the Administrators and client Carer be asked to make a determination about their clients as to –
    1. Whether the client would be suited or advantaged by this program –
    2. Does the client enjoy the water –
    3. Would an aqua-therapy activity be something the client would want to do –
  3. If the Administrator/Carer can answer the above questions for each of their clients in the affirmative – please log them as an Interested participant and categorise them as either:
    1. Tier 1 – This grouping being represented by persons with severe disabilities who require full/part time carers.
    2. Tier 2 – This group being represented by self help disability pensioners, and other pensioners with mobility issues and wish to become involved in a healthier aqua therapy/exercise program on a regular basis.
    3. Tier 3 – This group being represented by all the other ‘pensioner’ groups, including self funded retirees, and people living independently who want to be part of a healthier exercise program to maintain their independent lifestyles.
  4. Please – if you can make the determinations with respect to the above and on behalf of the Carer Client – these numbers will provide the initial forecast interest levels to allow for Budget estimates and submissions to reflect the genuine interest in the program.
  5. I have attached a blank Interest Level Notification form to assist filling out Client details – [Please if privacy issues are a matter of concern – please make all personal detail c/o your Carer Group.] Please mail these forms as soon as you can and if they won’t be finished by the 31st – please phone before the 31st and provide the numbers and follow up with the forms.

There are well over 5500 disability pensioners living in the Fraser Coast Region.  Any single program will struggle to cope with that many participants on a weekly basis – This program is seeking genuine estimates of numbers so it can formulate a structure for the program for both Maryborough and Hervey Bay. The people who have lodged interest notifications will be given preference when the initial program begins.  There are plans to expand the program on a quarterly basis – but whatever numbers are received in this initial period – will determine what level of interest the program attracts from Care Funders and Federal and State Funding agencies.

Please – again I repeat – if you can have the numbers your Carer Group can provide submitted by the 31st Mar 2011.

Thank you for the support and hopefully – the Tier 1 level will start July 1st – and the Tier 2 and 3 can start in both Maryborough and Hervey Bay as soon as Council can agree to admission terms and pool access.

Please – any queries about the information hereto – please phone.  Thank you again for your assistance with this information and support for the program.

Kind Regards … Ian Bleys.


[Draft Objects and Aims for FCATA] …

[Draft Objects and Aims for FCATA]


Purpose Program:

  • The purpose of the program is to provide a membership association whereby members will benefit from an aqua-therapy exercise program designed to aid, assist, and provide a self help activity/exercise outlet through professionally supervised aqua-therapy sessions,
  • The Association is for members who suffer varying degrees of disabilities causing mobility issues whereby aqua-therapy will provides said members with opportunities to self-help and improve their quality of life through exercise,
  • The Association aims to provide encouragement and purpose for members to allow them to network with one another and form community based friendships that allow members greater social outlets and a better quality of life,
  • It is simply a program designed to offer persons with disabilities the opportunity to maintain their independence through a self-help program that will improve their quality of life, provide an outdoor exercise activity that will assist with their mobility issues, and to do so at a subsidised cost so in keeping with a community that supports those less privileged.

Targeted Group:

  • The program is intended for those citizens living in the larger Fraser Coast Regional Council community who suffer varying mobility issues arising from their disabilities, and other physical ailments,

Management and Operational responsibility:

  • The program will seek to obtain funding via various public health programs – both new and existing – through existing Carer Groups already operational within the Fraser Coast region.
  • The funding is to be used in providing the services as outlined hereto and elsewhere in the Rules of the Association as outlined hereto.

Outline of Program:


  • For the most part – participants of all TIER structures of the program shall be in receipt of ‘Concession’ card benefits from the Federal Government of Australia.  Exceptions to this can be made at the discretion of the Management Committee – depending on circumstances, funding availability, and the Funding provider rules compliance associated with the issuance of any or all the funding the program uses.
  • There are no other restrictions to eligibility except those conditions contained in the Clause above.
  • The TIER 1-3 structure pertains to the Levels of Disability i.e.

o    Tier 1: This grouping is represented by persons with severe disabilities who require full/part time carers.

o    Tier 2: This group is represented by self help/independent living disability pensioners, and other pensioner groups with mobility issues who wish to become involved with aqua therapy/exercise on a regular basis.

o    Tier 3: This group is represented by all the other pensioner groupings,  including self funded retirees or people living independently who want to be part of a healthier exercise program so they can stay independent and have a regular outdoor activity.


  • For TIER 1 participants – the Association will provide or negotiate with existing Carers for transport to and from the pool.
  • For TIER 2 & 3 participants – transport arrangements are by negotiation with the Association by each participant on a needs basis – if transport is required there may be a ‘transport’ levy applied to offset shortfall in funding allocations to cover the program.  If specific ‘transport’ funding can be obtained – there will be no additional ‘transport’ levy applied.
  • It is acknowledged that the TIER 1 transport costs and requirements will be much higher than those of the TIER 2 & 3 participants.  The programs priority will always be to offer those in greatest need a priority service.
  • The program plans to operate five days a week – three days at the Hervey Bay and two days at Maryborough one week, and the reverse the following week – i.e. three days at Maryborough and two days at Hervey Bay in the alternate week.

Strategic Plan Time Frame:

  • The Pilot Program will target TIER 1 participants and once funding is secured, TIER 2 and TIER 3 programs will commence in Jan 2012 and Jul 2012 respectively.
  • See attached Time Frame schedule to see full program implementation.


  • Program eligibility will be by way of membership application for all TIER groups.
  • There will be a membership fee applicable to all participants and structured to represent the varying TIER group respective requirements, i.e. TIER 1 will be slightly higher than TIER 2 which will also be slightly higher than TIER 3.
  • All levels of membership fees shall be set by the Management Committee with respect to the Associations annual budget and funding revenues.
  • The Management Committee will have the responsibility of managing the number of participants within each TIER group with respect to the funding allocations received on an annual basis.


  • The program will be dependent on volunteers to assist with the pool management of TIER 1 participants.  Tier 2 and 3 members will be asked to participate as part of these volunteer requirements.
  • The program will gratefully accept any public interest in becoming volunteers.  Professional service providers with CPR and First AID and aqua-therapy type skills will be sort as part of the volunteer program.
  • All volunteers will hold CPR and First Aid certificates – the Program will provide training for all those volunteers who require this accreditation.
  • In all TIER groups – the ratio of participants to volunteers and part/full time staff will be fixed at a number to be set by the Management Committee.  This will restrict the number of participants if the volunteer numbers are not available to assist with the program.   Targeted volunteers will include local Swimming Clubs and their members who are strong swimmers and are interested in being part of the program.
  • Local schools will also be invited to become involved via student bodies, or as part of a work experience, or school based project.
  • The local Council will be approached and asked to generate a Community rewards style involvement for local schools and sports clubs.   This might be in the way of fund raising or school sponsorship participation for parts of the program.
  • The same style of incentives from the Business Community will also be canvassed.

Part/Full Time Staff:

  • The Management Committee will be responsible for hiring specially trained staff who are experienced in handling severely disabled persons in an aquatic environment.  Some training will be offered and provided by the Association to encourage youth involvement and a sense of community participation.

Pool Availability:

  • For most members, heated pools will be required for the therapy sessions.
  • At the TIER 2 & 3 levels, there will be some members who are proficient swimmers and want to do laps independent of the ‘therapy’ sessions.  This will require designated ‘lap lanes’ provisioning.
  • The total pool access and provisions will be an ongoing arrangement with the Pool Management and be under conditions negotiated with the Council.
  • The time duration for each ‘pool session’ for each TIER group will also depend on negotiations with Council and the number of participants and the TIER group numbers.
  • It is expected that all ‘therapy’ sessions will take place in daylight hours.