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Weekly Update – 6th Mar 2011

Hi all,

The week was a little better than the previous – I actually had some interesting and informative conversations with people that mattered –

  • The Draft Submission for the programs funding submission is almost complete and is currently with QLD Members Mr Sorrensen and Mr Foley for vetting and advice.  When the submission goes-  it will be posted hereto …
  • A draft Budget has also been sent to the Members for advice and perusal as part of this submission …
  • The Acting Fraser Coast Regional Council CEO responded late last week to a question asked about what progress Council had made in addressing the ‘pool access’ question for the program since our meeting on the 21st Feb 2011 …  her response appears below:

—–Original Message—–
From: Lisa Desmond []
Sent: Friday, 4 March 2011 4:23 PM
To: ‘Ian Bleys’; A1-Councillors
Cc: Debra Moore; Peter Smith
Subject: RE: Fraser Coast Aqua Therapy Program

Dear Ian

Thank you for your email. I will follow up with Deb Moore in relation to our response as an outcome of the meeting held on the 21st Feb.

Kind Regards

Lisa Desmond  Acting Chief Executive Officer, Fraser Coast Regional Council

The Council have had this request for two weeks and notwithstanding what must be a busy schedule for the Acting CEO – Ms Desmond – who was at the meeting – she was aware of the importance in addressing the pool access issue as a priority – phone messages were also left with Peter Smith the Director Community Development and his Deputy Debra Moore that are still to be returned – Council are dragging their feet on this issue and there are reasons for that – they may well become exposed in the following weeks –

It is hoped that Mr Sorrensen and Mr Foley will be able to sway support and get Council to embrace the intent and need for this program –

  • The Observer and Herald ran a story about the Program last Friday and their continued support is welcome –
  • There was a call from a interest level participant during the week who wanted clarification regarding whether Tier 2 and 3 participants were required to volunteer to be a part of the program – that is not the case  – and the Interest Notification form had been updated to reflect that viewpoint – for clarification – whilst it is thought that a number of Tier 3 participants will want to assist with the Tier 1 and 2 participants via there already established water skills and training – volunteering is not a requirement to become a member of the program – there will be a high demand for volunteers to help with ‘spotting’ participants who may get into difficulty in the water – there will be professionally trained staff will all Tier 1 and Tier 2 participants where necessary – but CPR and First Aid accreditation will be a minimal requirement for volunteers who assist with the aqua-therapy program – it is proposed that the program will provide the funding to ensure this accreditation benchmark is met –
  • Another issue raised was the privacy of Carers and their clients confidential information – to all the Carer groups who are delivering Interest Notification forms to their clients on behalf of the program – if you or your client wants the clients information kept private or in-house – it is OK to do so – all that is required is that the Carer pass on their estimates of the  number of their clients who want to become part of the program in a Tier 1, 2 or 3 bracketed grouping – that information is required by the end of March ’11 –
  • It is planned to have a General Meeting close to the end of this month.  All interested parties will be welcome as will all Carers and the Carer Administrators, Councillors and other Community groups and Business Forum members.  The Committee for the Association will be elected at this meeting.
  • There has been an update to the Strategic Time Frame plan and that is copied below:
(Revised 6th Mar 2011) Strategic Plan and Projected Timeframes:  Fraser Coast Aqua Therapy Program (F.C.A.T.A.):
Jan – 31st Mar 2011 Call for notifications of Interest in Proposed Program
Establishment of Steering Committee
Structure Business Plan
Investigate Transport options and Availability
Apr – 30th June 2011 Collate Data information and decipher interest levels and needs
Call a General Meeting to formally establish Association
Elect Office Bearers
Register Association and Incorporate
Establish Insurance requirements
Develop Rules for Association and eligibility requirements
Establishment of Tier 1 Pilot Program – process Intake applications and select participants for pilot Tier 1 program – from both respite Care and non Respite Care applicants.
Establish Non Respite care participants for Tier 2 and Tier 3 – negotiate Association ‘pool access’ requirements to facilitate Tier 2 & 3 – commence program as soon as staff and protocols are in place participants – i.e. 8-9am Mon – Fri for both H/Bay and M’borough pools – dependent of FCRC providing pool access.
Apply for initial Tier 1 Pilot Project Funding
Discuss other Funding options for Staffing requirements for Tier 2 and 3 programs
Establish Health Place and Safety protocols and other logistical rules and practices applicable to the day to day functions of the program
Training for Volunteers
Professional Staff Interviews
Approach Council for Pool Access – Hervey Bay or Maryborough or Both if 5 day a week program is viable
Initiate Transport requirements and arrangements
Appoint profession staff requirements
Structure Volunteer Applicants
Call for Non Respite Care Tier 2 & 3 participants who want to help with Tier 1 program – volunteer and paid for services available …
Jul – 30 Sep 2011 Commence Pilot Tier 1 Program
Iron out admin issues – develop and streamline procedures
Develop exercise program for participants and document procedures
Sept – Look to increase number of Tier 1 participants with additional funding
Streamline and review Non Respite Care Tier 2 & 3 procedures and therapy programs.
interview for additional staff requirements – including full/part time Co-Ordinator
Call for Respite Care Tier 2 and 3 participants via intake applications.
Negotiate with Council for pool requirements going forward – talk about Tier 3 requirements as well
Oct – 31st Dec 2011 Look to increase intake for Tier 1 participants for Jan 2012 intake –
Apply for additional staff and administration funding requirements
Look to increase Respite and non Respite Care Tier 2 & 3 participants
Jan -30th Jun 2012 Look to increase intake for Tier 1 participants for Jan 2012 intake –
Apply for additional staff and administration funding requirements
Look to increase Respite and non Respite Care Tier 2 & 3 participants
Jly – 31st Dec 2012 Look to increase intake for Tier 1 participants for Jan 2012 intake –
Apply for additional staff and administration funding requirements
Look to increase Respite and non Respite Care Tier 2 & 3 participants
  • There has been some notification of people wanting to serve on Committee and these will be fostered and encouraged in the coming weeks – there is still room for more interest
  • I am looking to have a conversation with a Physio who can give some advice on the aqua-therapy physiotherapy qualifications required to fulfill the position that this program needs – if someone would like to call please phone – 0741 941081 and ask for Ian.
  • To date the number of Interest Notifications received exceed 80 and all the Carer group and Respite Centre numbers are still outstanding bar one.
  • During the week a number of interest participants rang to request information – a number of them had heard about the program from someone else and had no direct information – my fear is that despite all efforts to the contrary – some residents in the region may miss out because they are not part of a Carer or Respite activity – please – if you know of someone that this program could aid – can you please pass the information and contact detail onto them so they have the opportunity to express their interest if they wish to.
  • The online comment feedback has been slow – there has been many phone calls from interested parties wanting to know more info – mainly in response to the paper stories – of some concern at the moment is that Council are only seeing one name and one face to this program – to give the program a community voice I urge all of you to contact you local State member – Mr Sorrensen for Hervey Bay residents on – 0741 241386 – Mr Foley for Maryborough residents on – 0741 222277 – Mr Paul Neville at the Federal level on – (07) 4152-0744 – and your Local Council Members – a phone call to these Members and Councillors will help the program gain creditability and a larger voice and also give the Political decision makers reasons to hear the message about a better deal for disability and aging residents of the Fraser Coast Region – please make a call to your local Member and to the FCRC Councillors to help them shift to the right side of this debate ….

cheers … Ian .