“Draft” – Model Rules for F.C.A.T.A. [updated 30th Mar]

Updated Model Rules 30th Mar 2011 –

Please use the linked PDF file to read proposed Model Rules – [all amendments to standard MODEL rules as published at the Office Fair Trading website [http://www.fairtrading.qld.gov.au/incorporating-an-association.htm] are highlighted in ‘yellow’]  – Link to PDF file –  FCATA Draft Model Rules 20110329


[Original Draft Objects for FCATA – Jan/Feb 2011]


  • The establishment of a Community based Aqua-Therapy Program for the greater Fraser Coast Regional Council community.

Purpose Program:

  • The purpose of the program is to provide a membership association whereby members will benefit from an aqua-therapy exercise program designed to aid, assist, and provide a self help activity/exercise outlet through professionally supervised aqua-therapy sessions,
  • The Association is for members who suffer varying degrees of disabilities causing mobility issues whereby aqua-therapy will provides said members with opportunities to self-help and improve their quality of life through exercise,
  • The Association aims to provide encouragement and purpose for members to allow them to network with one another and form community based friendships that allow members greater social outlets and a better quality of life,
  • It is simply a program designed to offer persons with disabilities the opportunity to maintain their independence through a self-help program that will improve their quality of life, provide an outdoor exercise activity that will assist with their mobility issues, and to do so at a subsidised cost so in keeping with a community that supports those less privileged.

Targeted Group:

  • The program is intended for those citizens living in the larger Fraser Coast Regional Council community who suffer varying mobility issues arising from their disabilities, and other physical ailments,

Management and Operational responsibility:

  • The program will seek to obtain funding via various public health programs – both new and existing – through existing Carer Groups already operational within the Fraser Coast region.
  • The funding is to be used in providing the services as outlined hereto and elsewhere in the Rules of the Association as outlined hereto.

Outline of Program:


  • For the most part – participants of all TIER structures of the program shall be in receipt of ‘Concession’ card benefits from the Federal Government of Australia.  Exceptions to this can be made at the discretion of the Management Committee – depending on circumstances, funding availability, and the Funding provider rules compliance associated with the issuance of any or all the funding the program uses.
  • There are no other restrictions to eligibility except those conditions contained in the Clause above.
  • The TIER 1-3 structure pertains to the Levels of Disability i.e.
  1. TIER 1: This grouping is the most important and includes persons with severe disablilities who require full/part time carers.
  2. TIER 2: This group is represented by self help disability pensioners, and other pensioners with mobility issues and wish to become involved in a healthier aqua therapy/exercise program on a regular basis.
  3. TIER 3: This group is represented by all the other ‘pensioner’ groups, including self funded retirees, and people living independently who want to be part of a healthier exercise program to maintain their independent lifestyles.


  • For TIER 1 participants – the Association will provide or negotiate with existing Carers for transport to and from the pool.
  • For TIER 2 & 3 participants – transport arrangements are by negotiation with the Association by each participant on a needs basis – if transport is required there may be a ‘transport’ levy applied to offset shortfall in funding allocations to cover the program.  If specific ‘transport’ funding can be obtained – there will be no additional ‘transport’ levy applied.
  • It is acknowledged that the TIER 1 transport costs and requirements will be much higher than those of the TIER 2 & 3 participants.  The programs priority will always be to offer those in greatest need a priority service.
  • The program plans to operate five days a week – three days at the Hervey Bay and two days at Maryborough one week, and the reverse the following week – i.e. three days at Maryborough and two days at Hervey Bay in the alternate week.

Strategic Plan Time Frame:

  • The Pilot Program will target TIER 1 participants and once funding is secured, TIER 2 and TIER 3 programs will commence in Jan 2012 and Jul 2012 respectively.
  • See attached Time Frame schedule to see full program implementation.


  • Program eligibility will be by way of membership application for all TIER groups.
  • There will be a membership fee applicable to all participants and structured to represent the varying TIER group respective requirements, i.e. TIER 1 will be slightly higher than TIER 2 which will also be slightly higher than TIER 3.
  • All levels of membership fees shall be set by the Management Committee with respect to the Associations annual budget and funding revenues.
  • The Management Committee will have the responsibility of managing the number of participants within each TIER group with respect to the funding allocations received on an annual basis.


  • The program will be dependent on volunteers to assist with the pool management of TIER 1 participants.  Tier 2 and 3 members will be asked to participate as part of these volunteer requirements.
  • The program will gratefully accept any public interest in becoming volunteers.  Professional service providers with CPR and First AID and aqua-therapy type skills will be sort as part of the volunteer program.
  • All volunteers will hold CPR and First Aid certificates – the Program will provide training for all those volunteers who require this accreditation.
  • In all TIER groups – the ratio of participants to volunteers and part/full time staff will be fixed at a number to be set by the Management Committee.  This will restrict the number of participants if the volunteer numbers are not available to assist with the program.   Targeted volunteers will include local Swimming Clubs and their members who are strong swimmers and are interested in being part of the program.
  • Local schools will also be invited to become involved via student bodies, or as part of a work experience, or school based project.
  • The local Council will be approached and asked to generate a Community rewards style involvement for local schools and sports clubs.   This might be in the way of fund raising or school sponsorship participation for parts of the program.
  • The same style of incentives from the Business Community will also be canvassed.

Part/Full Time Staff:

  • The Management Committee will be responsible for hiring specially trained staff who are experienced in handling severely disabled persons in an aquatic environment.  Some training will be offered and provided by the Association to encourage youth involvement and a sense of community participation.

Pool Availability:

  • For most members, heated pools will be required for the therapy sessions.
  • At the TIER 2 & 3 levels, there will be some members who are proficient swimmers and want to do laps independent of the ‘therapy’ sessions.  This will require designated ‘lap lanes’ provisioning.
  • The total pool access and provisions will be an ongoing arrangement with the Pool Management and be under conditions negotiated with the Council.
  • The time duration for each ‘pool session’ for each TIER group will also depend on negotiations with Council and the number of participants and the TIER group numbers.
  • It is expected that all ‘therapy’ sessions will take place in daylight hours.
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