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Letter from Fraser Coast Regional Council … from Acting CEO

The FCRC responded to my e-mail message and the content of the letter is very encouraging – it is pasted hereto for information purposes:


Weekly Update 5/2/2011

Hi one and all –

Updates for the Week:

• Had a very productive meeting with the Federal Member for Hinkler – Mr Paul Neville yesterday about this proposed project. Mr Neville indicated he would like to become involved in opening doors for funding avenues and to local Business forums. We thank Mr Neville for his time and efforts.
• The Day-to-Day Living (Part of Centacare) sent in several Interest Notifications on behalf of their members with additional comments that there are several others who will also be submitting their interest notifications. Thanks to Nicky (Co-Ordinator) for getting the message to her members.
• Vicki and Tracey from Fraser Coast Council – both Community Development Officers with the Council in Hervey Bay and Maryborough – have indicated they will speak about the proposed program at their Community Health forums when next they meet. Thanks Vicki and Tracey.
• Betty from Health and Community Care has been in contact and she has asked for information about the program and how it can assists members under her administration. Thankyou Betty.
• The Hervey Bay 60and Better group ( ) have indicated their interest in the program and will hopefully have a promotion of the program in their Newsletter to all their members – thanks Kate…
• The Gladstone Aquatic Therapy Association has been up and running for over 20 years – the originator of that program now resides in Hervey Bay – her name is Carole and I have been talking to her about her efforts to get the program up and running in Gladstone. She is a mountain of wisdom and I want to thank her personally for the advice and guidance she has offered to date and hopefully continues to do so. Thankyou Carole.
• I am still waiting on some return calls from other Carer Groups who are a little busy with the ‘flood relief’ efforts – thanks to you all for the good work you do …
• You can now keep up to date with feedback and comments on FACEBOOK – please go to this!/home.php?sk=group_194681900557956&ap=1 link to joinin the commentary and log you story or interest in the aqua therapy program.
• PLEASE – to receive more updates about the program – go to the website and click on the RSS feeds or the ‘subscribe by e-mail’ link – this will have any update on the website sent t to your e-mail directly.

I am very optimistic after having met with Mr Neville – he has in the past been a great advocate for Community Health and Sporting programs in the Fraser Coast region. His interest in this program was genuine and with his ability to open doors – this program should get the recognition and support it deserves.

It s been another good week and with the message getting out there about the program – the feedback has been nothing but positive …

Bye for now … Ian Bleys

Proposed Strategic Trimeframe for the FCATA

Hi all,

I have posted below a proposed time-frame for the program to be implemented. Of course this is all subject to so many imponderables at this stage – this is purely a guideline to give those who have shown interest – some idea of how the program is seen as progressing.

This information can be seen as an Excel spreadsheet by clicking this link:

FCATA – Strategic Timeframe

Strategic Plan (Projected Time-frames): Fraser Coast Aqua Therapy Program:

Jan – 31st Mar 2011
Call for notifications of Interest in Proposed Program
Establishment of Steering Committee
Structure Business Plan
Investigate Transport options and Availability

Apr – 30th June 2011
Collate Data information and decipher interest levels and needs
Call a General Meeting to formally establish Association
Elect Office Bearers
Register Association and Incorporate
Establish Insurance requirements
Develop Rules for Association and eligibility requirements
Establishment of Tier 1 Pilot Program
Apply for initial Pilot Project Funding
Discuss other Funding options
Select participants for Pilot Program
Training for Volunteers
Professional Staff Interviews
Approach Council for Pool Access – Hervey Bay or Maryborough or Both if 5 day a week program is viable
Initiate Transport requirements and arrangements
Appoint profession staff requirements
Structure Volunteer Applicants

Jul – 30 Sep 2011
Commence Pilot Tier 1 Program
Iron out admin issues – develop and streamline procedures
Develop exercise program for participants and document procedures
Sept – Look to increase number of Tier 1 participants with additional funding

Oct – 31st Dec 2011
Look to establish Tier 2 program commencing Jan 2012
Apply for funding requirements
Call for formal applications for Tier 2 participation
Negotiate with Council for pool requirements going forward – talk about Tier 3 requirements as well
interview for additional staff requirements – including full/part time Co-Ordinator

Jan -30th Jun 2012
Look to establish Tier 2 Program

Jly – 31st Dec 2012
Look to establish Tier 3 Program

Fraser Coast ‘AQUA-THERAPY’ – Weekly Update:

The week passed has been a busy one either side of Australia Day. The real task begins next week with everybody back on deck from holidays and the ‘flood’ relief winding down.

The Carer responses continue to be very supportive and interest levels are high. I was offered advice through the week that the internet is not the way to try and reach the targeted demographic for this program – I agree.

With that in mind – some of the Carer groups I have been in contact with have indicated they are willing to post notices in their Newsletters and hand copies of the ‘Information Pamphlet’ to their members and clients.

Council is still yet to respond to inquires about the Federal Governments ‘Healthier Communities Initiative’ program. Submissions for this round of funding close on the 4th Feb. Hopefully we will get a response sometime soon.

There has not been one person who has offered a negative to this proposed program in the time since it was first muted. If that optimism transposes to ‘indications of interest’ notifications – Council will not be able to ignore the responses.

If anyone heard the ABC Wide Bay radio interview on Monday morning last – I missed it – so some feedback would be welcome – I will hopefully have a copy of the broadcast sometime this week and will post in on-line here.

cheers for now – Bleyzie.