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Contact Information – Federal, State & Local Council Representatives …

Phone Numbers E-Mail Addresses for Federal and State Members:


Phone Numbers E-Mail Addresses for Local Councillors:

  1. Warwick
    May 1, 2011 at 10:10 pm

    Eyeball covers so many issues here and he has my absolute support and encouragement. I do not live on the Fraser Coast nor Queensland. I am from the inner western suburbs of Sydney.

    Mental and phusical health and issues of the aging are critical to our society. So is a more realistic and responsible community and or electorate, local government, state government, and federal government.

    We can write about the issues of government, why we have a knife edge majority federally, why NSW Labor was thrown out so comprehensively, or why local government is simply so ineffective and therefore irrelevant. This covers the lot.

    In the precepts of Henry Parkes and Australia’s forefathers at times the logics are very dated, but as we move forward our challenge is to keep what works and evolve with our times. At the Federal level we set out any issue beyond the individual states for the common good. At the state level, we deal with those progressive issues that allows industry and commerce to flourish, while always caring for those who might be disaffected, and at the local government level we look after those micro issues (local issues) that would otherwise not be efficiently handled otherwise.

    At the Federal Level we know the basic concepts of aging and health and mental health policy. Under the constitution all of those issues rest squarely with the states, until each state agrees to pass those powers to the federal government. However the Federal government pays all types of social security including pensions, and State governments run and fund the hospital system.

    Therefore there is increased focus on preventative medicine, be it mental health or keeping the pensioners in society rather than care facilities or so on.

    How does any of this relate to local government, particularly the Fraser Coast Shire Council? Simply they own the Hervey Bay pool, and have placed that facility into the administration of independent managers, and their only interest is either increased revenues, or minimalist administration costs, and other self interest that includes votes. How many votes are in this issue?

    In a perfect world I would vote against the incumbent local government for simply being so inefficient and self obsessed to the point of stupidity, make that negligence. They are so self obsessed with self interest they can not possibly perceive economic life and economic value. It might have a particular value, but in any alternative light, then what might the asset’s value be.

    In this instance, aged and community services have an economic interest in the Hervey Bay pool and proposals to develop an Aqua Therapy programme, so do other health departments and community groups. Because they are not organised then the Shire Council, has two intertwined logics, how many votes? and leave well enough alone.

    Eyeball stand for Local Council. Give it right back to these dopes. Get your working party together and organise. Then use that platform and exposure to give these dopes a real dose of curry. But please promise when you get there you won’t become one of them. Sadly we have far too many grandiloquent gnats, and not enough decent tryers.

    • May 1, 2011 at 11:26 pm

      Thanks Warwick … your comments are welcome …

      This has become a battle and your comments represent what that battle is symbolic of – inept Leadership by those who don’t really have a plan – but want the seat at the helm expecting respect and gratuity – just because they hold the position.

      Running for office personally – or trying to find someone worthy to run against the incumbents is a serious consideration – the Mayor knows he’s a mantle piece relic – there are at least 5-6 lining up to feather and tickle his exit shunt …

      But as you say – are those who want the seat more of the same – or do they have real Leadership and vision credentials to do for the community what the incumbents failed to do on this issue?

      Local Authority is about as close to the Community as you can get – State and Federal agenda’s are not so parochial – so when an issue grabs the attention a the Local Community – it can have a very large impact on LGA elections …

      This issue is about to become one huge headache for all FCRC Councillors seeking re-election – not one of them has given tacit support in any meaningful way – none have disagreed with the concept – but putting that ‘lip service’ attitude to any decision making has disappointed – and all because the Mayor holds court and all the other Councillors don’t want to position themselves too early in the re-election race.

      It’s a really crappy scenario – but it’s survival and ‘I want to keep my job ‘ stuff – that is why nothing ever changes – insecurity in their individual abilities lead them all to become the semblance of a collective mediocrity and what that represents … safety in numbers in abject failure as opposed to Leadership by example

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