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25th Mar Update: Some response comments …

Below are a cross section of some response comments from Interest Notifications received to date:

from Kay: …This is a disgrace re the council. I am only one disabled person with a small voice.  However, we could take council to the cleaners through Disability Services – discrimination against the aged and disabled is a hot pot. I am sure that council would not like to have a case against them for DISCRIMINATION.  Just a simple thought from me.  Behind you all the way.


from Audrey: … I would be delighted if there could be aqua therapy for the elderly and disabled in Maryborough.  I am nearly 77 and suffer from bad arthritis in the feet and knees, and my back is no good at all.  I am constantly on pain killers.


from Cherie: … There are many people  that use the Maryborough heated pool throughout the day, probably more in the morning,  that may not know about this proposed program.  Perhaps if you could put up notices at the pools themselves where people can see this , it would let many more people know about what you are planning to do.

I try and do my own form of “Aqua aerobics” to work on keeping fit, and lose weight, to hold back encroaching health issues, so I am very much in favour of, and want this program in Maryborough. Being an old age pensioner, I cannot afford to go to professionally run classes.

and another from Cherie: … I can think off hand of at least 20-30 people who are regular exercises (am) at the Maryborough pool who would be very interested. If you had someone at the heated pool weekdays  from 6am (I think that’s when it opens) till 9:30 -10 am, and personally hand out the Interest forms.  Then for all the others that come during the day,  hopefully they will see the poster, if Adrian (Pool manager) is willing to put it up.


from Marie: … Member of Day to Day Living Program and interested in participating as part of our group activities, suffer from Depression and feel that this program would benefit my recovery


from Janet: … I have a permanent disability and although I do not mind volunteering, I work part time and would like the opportunity to attend these sessions myself to improve my fitness and mobility and do not see myself being able to assist people from teir 1.  A phone number would be useful to ask further questions and gain more information.


from Cassandra: …  Hi, I’m not sure if this is the sought of interest you are seeking at present but I would be very interested in teaching your participants of the learn to swim program in any capacity.  I have complete my Austswim qualification and my Infant aquatic qualification and if i thought i could be involved in this opportunity in some way I would be interested doing my Disability Aquatic qualification.  Would appreciate any feed back

Kind regards and good luck with all your organising.


from Sarah: … I moved here 3 months ago from Sydney.  I am hoping that by the time you are up and running I will be 100% free from severe back pain. I chose to take a year off work without pay to get into an exercise and fitness routine and was fed up with only being offered medication instead of alternative treatment. I now do water aerobics, cycling and swimming and managed to landscape my entire gardens, by myself.

I wish i had known about such a group when I was at my lowest. If I can help at all, please let me know. I will hopefully be able to help physically and know from first hand experience the frustrations of ‘immobility’.

Good Luck with your project, most people would not understand what commitment and time it takes to do such a thing.


from Pat: … Country Community Options support many individuals with a disability that would receive great benefit from this program. I can be contacted on the above number and would appreciate some further information.


from Casey: … I dont have a disability but I would like to express my support for this program and offer my assistance as an individual in possibly helping to raise funds/awareness get more people on board


There has been numerous phone conversations over the last eight weeks or so and the stories they revealed were both uplifting and encouraging – if only Council could hear them all …

Please keep your comments coming …

cheers … Ian.

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