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Weekly Update – 21st Mar 2011 …

Hello All,

At the end of the of the Week – Fri 10th Mar – and having received the CEO letter on the same day – I responded to Ms Desmond.

I sent her a draft copy of the work in progress ‘Funding Submission’ –  with an appeal for her Council to embrace this program as opposed to the minute offerings it has made to date.

I rang her last Friday [17th] and left a message re this correspondence – her Secretary confirmed she had printed out the Submission – but could not say when Ms Desmond has read the correspondence or when she might return my call.

It is now Monday morning [21st] – and as I write this post – I have had no response to either the letter sent 10th Mar – or the phone call message made 17th Mar.

This is exactly the way her subordinates – Debra Moore and Peter Smith elected to conduct themselves – silence and no acknowledgment of calls or messages – I think it very rude and insulting that the Council staff think that they do not need to at least acknowledge correspondence or messages in some way.

It continues to be frustrating – some two years of battles with this Council – all with a purpose to get them to acknowledge and respect the disability and pensioner group in this region – and still they sit atop their station and swat away these efforts.

The submission I sent to Ms Desmond had a covering letter – for information purposes – that letter is posted hereto:


From: [mailto:fcata@bigpond.com]
Sent: Friday, 11 March 2011 3:26 PM
To: ‘Lisa Desmond’
Subject: RE: Fraser Coast Aqua Therapy Program

Hello Lisa,

Honestly Lisa – I just don’t know if you guys get what I am trying to get started here – I am continually disappointed in how far your Council attempts to reach when something new is put in front of them.

Your letter said absolutely nothing that was not already known – it took me an hour to find out what your staff took the best part of three weeks to uncover – your answer on not being able to find out about the ‘equity position’ – did you think to tell someone to ask Paul – the obvious is generally always the easiest and quickest solution to any problem.

I’m hanging out for the Council to commit to a cost for the pool access – yet all you have provided is confirmation the pool has available time – I knew these time frames well before our 21st Feb meeting – not talking to Paul about this program was and is a major failing – who’s call was that –

I know that Ms Moore told me not to speak to him about the program some weeks ago when I suggested it – she has lost any creditability with me some time ago – as has Mr Smith and the Mayor – all promised but insulted me with their offer –

If these people are naysayers – and are the reason why I am making little headway – I am quite prepared to step aside and let someone else take over – at this point I don’t think anyone on Council is in a ‘bulls roar’ of understanding what this program could mean for the region.

I am going to take a leap of faith here and send you the submission I have been working on with its accompanying Budget – maybe this will light a fire –

There is much in this submission I have been holding out for – I do not want the State Minister for Local Government having to be involved – I want to say that the FCRC is 200% behind this project – but I can’t – I cannot get you guys to first base – I have rounded home plate three times and your guys are still thinking about the team roster …

Please keep these documents confidential – but by all means use them to inform yourself and those who you think could be visionaries and take on a project like this …

These are DRAFT copies and so much more work has to be done on the Budget before it takes any type of real shape –  the Submission is 70% complete and needs some fine tuning – especially the FCRC section – it is such a negative in the submission – but that is where you guys are – you are behind the eight ball in this regional aging and disability demographic and until you get in front of it – you truly have not embraced what this community is all about …

Do you know what employment is driven in the area from the aged care and disability sectors?  What other local industry or business sector generates as much commerce as this aged and disability sector?

There are over 40 Carer groups in this region – all underfunded – their services and resources are stretched – the answer is right there in front of you – help these people help themselves –

The pool times are not being used at the moment – the Council is not missing out on any income by leaving them idle – get on board and make this Council proud and give the Community something to like themselves about – allow the Maryborough/Hervey Bay divide to be pushed aside – all it will take is leadership …

Please – this is an appeal and it is my last – this is exhausting me – if I have to keep dragging you to the table just to hear what I already know and what you already know is the right thing to do – this Council will be facing a blood bath at the next elections …

Mayor Kruger is no supporter – he has a team of other Councillors who support him – this is not about politics – but the media want this story – they want to blow it apart – I still want your Council to take charge of this program – but you are making it neigh impossible –

Read the submission – look at the budget – make up your own mind – see it through my eyes and be enlightened …

Cheers … Ian.


I had hoped that this would have appealed to the aspiring CEO – but the silence since I sent it has been deafening –

Other events since my last update included:

  • The Observer continues to publish information and contact details about the FCATA program – their continued support is appreciated.  The Maryborough Herald – who I though was also publishing the same information – agreed to run it again last Friday.  I can’t confirm this as the paper is not distributed in Hervey Bay. I would be pleased to hear from someone in Maryborough as to whether a FCATA article did appear last week.
  • I have had many phone calls – all from readers of the Observer – this is what made me wonder whether the Herald had been running the story – every phone call was positive about the program and the number of Interest Notification has passed 100 –
  • Only 5 or so of the 40+ Carer Groups contacted have responded with their clients Interest Notification levels – I will be chasing these up over the next week or so – if you have estimates or Interest Notification numbers – please contact me and advise.
  • There were also calls from Physio’s interested in being involved with the program – this was very encouraging and I thank them for their interest.
  • Progress on the General Meeting is progressing and it looks like being early April – I am advised that Thursdays would suit most Carer Group Administrators – and a tentative date of 7th Apr is set pending the availability of a Community Hall to conduct the meeting – The Gladstone Aquatic Therapy Association staff will hopefully still be able to attend – I should hear word on this later this week –
  • The agenda for this meeting has tentatively been structured as follows:

The 1st General Meeting of all interested parties supporting the Fraser Coast Aqua Therapy Association (FCATA) is going to meet on the:



Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm

The proposed meeting agenda:

  • 10:30 – Opening Address and welcome by proposer –
  • 10:35 – Visitors address from Gladstone Aquatic Therapy Association (GATA) Address –
  • 10:50 – Q&A session to follow
  • 11:05 – About the FCATA program and vision for its future –
  • 11:20 – More Q&A session
  • 11:35 – Meeting break from formal proceedings to allow for general discussion between attending parties
  • 12:10 – Meeting resumes with Election of Committee
  • 12:25 – Proposer introduces Working Committee –
  • 12:30 – Meeting Closes.

Management Committee

The initial role of the Management Committee will be more about a working Committee to establish the FCATA and put together the initial structures, protocols, governance, workplace health and safety protocols and other administrative tasks to ensure the FCATA complies with all not-for-profit guidelines that make it eligible for Federal and State Government funding.

Each of the positions below carry specific responsibilities that the program sees as initial areas where knowledge and experience in the nominated areas would be an advantage to anyone seeking to nominate for the Committee to serve as the Management Committee of the FCATA.

At the first General Meeting if the proposed FCATA – nominations will be called for each of the undermentioned positions –  each of the Committee positions is an unpaid position with the exception of the Coordinator.

Positions on Committee:

President –

Secretary –

Treasurer –

Governance Officer-

Protocols Officer-

Aqua Therapy Officer-

Membership Officer-

Volunteer Officer –

Medical and Physio Consultant –


Proposed Employed Positions:

  • Coordinator –
  • Aqua Therapy accredited Physiotherapist
  • Several swimmers with skill sets to become in-water assistants to Physiotherapist – Positions available – 3-8 between Apr ’11 and Jly 2012


The number of volunteers to help with this program is untapped – areas where assistance is needed are:

  • Spotters to walk the pool watching for participants who may get into trouble and need assistance
  • Helpers to help run group exercise sessions for Tier 2 and 3 water sessions
  • Helpers to get Tier 1 participants in and out of the water – showered – dressed and supervised to ensure they pull up ok after the therapy session
  • Helpers with medicines for participants
  • Social Activities helpers for Association social events

  • I will send E-Mails and phone all the registered Interest Level notifications – Carer Groups – Councillors – and Council staff about the meeting date when it has been firmly set – please attend this meeting to ensure your voice is heard and avail yourself to the GATA staff on hand for advice and information about their program.
  • At the moment – interest notifications are running 10-1 in favour of Hervey Bay residents – I believe this is because the Herald has not been running the information about the program – please – if you know someone who would be advantaged by the program – please have them ring or go online to register their interest –
  • Please continue to contact your Local Members – Federal: Mr Neville Ph- 0741 520744 – State: Mr Sorenson Ph-0741 241386 – Mr Foley Ph- 0741 222277 and Council – please go to this website to retrieve contact numbers for the Fraser Coast Regional Council :  Link to FCRC Councillors or send an e-mail to All the FCRC Councillors using this E-Mail Link: E-Mail All FCRC Councillors
  • I cannot stress how important it is to contact your Local Members about this program – a single enquiry they can brush aside – but if the 5500+ disability pensioners living in the Fraser Coast region made a call to each of these members – I’m sure a message will be heard and perhaps motivate this Council to give some respect and attention to this group or residents residing in the Fraser Coast region with respect to this proposed program.
Please – if you have a comment or advice – or are motivated to want to become involved with this program before the General Meeting – I can do with some help – I know that there are many people out there who are isolated and still don’t know about this program – if you can spread the word – please do so …
cheers … Ian.

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