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CEO Letter 10th March ’11 …

Hi All,

A bit has happened since the meeting with the Pool Manager yesterday – there were exchanges last night with the CEO and again this morning over the content of the Pool Manager post.  I agreed to hold the Pool Manager interview post pending the CEO getting back with what her letter re ‘pool access’ contained.

Everything in the letter is ‘old’ news and gives nothing but an undertaking that the pool has available time frames that will suit the FCATA program.  The Pool Manager confirmed all the information in the letter yesterday – the Council took three weeks to come up with this information – I obtained it in less than an hour.  No one from Council had a discussion with the Pool Manager about the FCATA and how he could be involved with the program – they did their enquiry by internal mail – talk about snails pace and how to get something done …

The CEO’s letter is copied hereto for information purposes.  Not surprising Council still have not committed to any admission ‘cost’ requests or considered the proposals as outlined in the Pool Manager post.

How Council expect the FCATA to use the information in the CEO’s letter to obtain funding – or structure a Budget to apply for funding without a base cost for pool access is beyond my comprehension – surely they must have thought about this – they understand budgets – this is a ‘claytons offer’ with no real teeth that FCATA can use other than that the pool is available.

This might be considered a start – but all that has been offered is possible pool access to times when the pool has little use anyway – the cost of that access is still unknown –

FCATA can work with these time frames – if we knew what the Council wanted as a cost for this access.  Council appear to be some way off from committing to any sort of price structure – this was part of what was asked for during the 21st Meeting …

I’m still chipping away to get this Council over the hump they seem to be stuck behind …

Cheers all ….

The CEO letter is pasted below:

CEO Letter 10th Mar 2011

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