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Weekly Update – 28th Feb 2011

Hi all,

The past week was frustrating – a week of many un-returned messages – a week of potential participants ringing to give information about their frustrations with dealing with the current Pool and its Manager – their calls fielded issues relating to:

  • the cost of entry and there being no discounts for pensioners –
  • qualified staff not being on hand to help disabled persons get in and out to the indoor heated pool in paid for access sessions –
  • One lady having to wait around for 1-2 hours to even get into the pool –
  • there being no bars on the side of the pool to hold onto – this is very important when participants lack confidence in the water when they are first introduced to aqua therapy –
  • the chair lowering did not go low enough for people to reach the bottom of the pool so they could stand before letting go –
  • there being nobody in the water with them to help them get out of the lowering chair or get out of the water –
  • the utilities amenities only had a single support bar and not bars on all sides to help people stand and shower without fear of falling –
  • the positioning of the pool water jets in relation to the access entry points –

I also made calls to follow up on these points – nobody at Council was available and I left messages that to date have not been returned.  Specifics of these calls and other contacts made where messages were never returned include:

  • To follow up some of the above bullet pointed issues I left messages for Fraser Coast Regional Council employee – Debra Moore [Executive Director Community Development] – and they have so far gone un-returned.  She was also in attendance at the meeting I had with Council last Monday – [see separate blog entry – Council Meeting] – at that meeting I tried to have Council provide an answer to why the ‘learn-to-swim’ program put up by a Carer group was denied indoor heated pool access – Ms Moore shut down the question and said that it was a private matter and that she was speaking to the Carer group about the problem.  The Carer Group have confirmed that they have had no contact from Council to discuss this matter any further – in trying to contact Debra Moore about this and the other matters raised above – she has not returned the messages –
  • Another matter that has come to light and is still to be verified – is that the Pool Manager – has some equity ownership in the Hervey Bay pool complex – perhaps relating to the indoor heated pool – and it was to this pool that the Learn-to-swim program were wanting access – it was advised – [and still un-confirmed] – that it was the Pool Manager who had denied the access to the pool for the learn-to-swim program.
  • Another frustrating issue concerned undertakings that were given by the Observer Newspaper to run information about the program in its last two issues – when there was no story in Friday’s Observer or the previous weeks edition – I tried to clarify why not – I had rang on Wednesday and was told it would be running in Friday’s (25th Feb) edition – I rang again last Friday to find out what happened – no return call was made – I again tried this morning and everybody is out of the office and another message was left – the first story they did – copied at this site – page 3 top right hand corner – perfect – and resulted in a five fold increase in website visits – this was an indication that the Newspaper information about the program worked – but since then nothing has appeared in the papers contrary to what I had been told –  this week will be about trying to get the story in the paper again.

There were many other unreturned calls and the week was not the best since the efforts to get this program up and running started.

This morning I have already had two separate calls from interested participants in the aqua therapy program – Les and Elizabeth – who provided first hand accounts of their experiences with the Hervey Bay pool – Les has a son who suffers autism – Elisabeth is wheelchair bound and after her experience with the Hervey Bay pool she will not go back there –

Les’s son pays full price for access as does Les as his carer for his son’s twice a week access – nobody at the pool advised him that if he produced a Doctors certificate for his son, his son could get daily entry for half the cost and Les could get a carer’s entry discount. Les’s son is a disability pensioner – he also said the pool visits are the highlight of his son’s week.

This is an example of just how out of touch the current Pool Management and Council are with their Pool access pricing policy.   Every other QLD Council’s admission price policy for concession card pool access is discounted to the general public admission costs.  This Council must be bought to account over this issue – and if it is the Pool Management – who with an unconfirmed vested interest that has him running a private business from Council assets – that is the reason – than that matter has to be exposed and presented to the public arena for full disclosure and scrutiny.

The plan for this week is about finishing the funding submissions for the program and putting a proforma forecast budget together – please if you have a comment or information you want to pass on – please contact me directly at 07 41 941081 – or by e-mail at fcata@bigpond.com – or by making a comment using the comment link at the top of this post …

cheers all …

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