Help Wanted Please …

Help Wanted Please!

The proposed FCATA program is in need of immediate help to assist with the ongoing promotion and other administrative tasks to keep this program moving forward –

To the many participants and volunteers who registered their interest and made indicative offers – if any of you have experience in Administration and Committee membership and would like to be of assistance in this interim period until the FCATA General Meeting is called – can I ask you to please put your hand up and come forward. Areas of interest and experience are:

  • I need assistance with following up with the Carer groups to chase the ‘Interest Notifications’ – anybody who deals with these Carer groups would be an ideal candidate – both from being able to advise how the Carer network tentacles itself together – and have the ability to advise what carers are still to be contacted –
  • Someone with Government and Carer Groups Funding applications experience and has some Finance background to help with budget formations – current submission to Federal, State and Carer groups are being prepared
  • Someone with Media and or Executive experience who can assist with getting the message about the program out to the community via print and vision media outlets – and can communicate the message about the program to Local Business’s and Business Forums seeking support and endorsement from the local community –
  • Someone with editorial experience so that the numerous typos I make can be fixed before they go to print and can also help with collating the data submissions as they come to hand.

These are genuine needs  – I am exhausted in both time and resources to deal with the mounting tasks needed to get this program established – please if you can see your way to offering some time to assist with any of the above tasks – please get in touch with me.

The formation of the Association and its Management Committee will hopefully be formed by the end of March ’11 – this call for help is also a chance to expand the vision and scope of the proposed program and cover any omissions of thought, and planning the current proposed program may lack …

kind regards to all … Ian.

( Ph:0741 941081 – E-mail )

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