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Fraser Coast ‘AQUA-THERAPY’ – Weekly Update:

The week passed has been a busy one either side of Australia Day. The real task begins next week with everybody back on deck from holidays and the ‘flood’ relief winding down.

The Carer responses continue to be very supportive and interest levels are high. I was offered advice through the week that the internet is not the way to try and reach the targeted demographic for this program – I agree.

With that in mind – some of the Carer groups I have been in contact with have indicated they are willing to post notices in their Newsletters and hand copies of the ‘Information Pamphlet’ to their members and clients.

Council is still yet to respond to inquires about the Federal Governments ‘Healthier Communities Initiative’ program. Submissions for this round of funding close on the 4th Feb. Hopefully we will get a response sometime soon.

There has not been one person who has offered a negative to this proposed program in the time since it was first muted. If that optimism transposes to ‘indications of interest’ notifications – Council will not be able to ignore the responses.

If anyone heard the ABC Wide Bay radio interview on Monday morning last – I missed it – so some feedback would be welcome – I will hopefully have a copy of the broadcast sometime this week and will post in on-line here.

cheers for now – Bleyzie.

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